Friday, January 9, 2009

I think I may throw up...

During labor that is...of course after blogging yesterday about my progress and whatnot she decides to throw me for a loop. I do believe we have an attitude on our hands here! At 12:07am I am woken by my entire torso/midsection mutinying (is that a word??) I've had the braxton hicks and this was definitely something else. I just breathed and prayed that I wouldn't throw up then it stopped...then at 12:19 came round 2 (I was still winning at this point) and I started to think....will Adam be able to leave work today if he needs too...jeez where is my list of numbers to call...I knew I should've bought those nursing bras/nightgowns the other day...we haven't even painted the rooms or laid the new flooring...the baby shower is not til the 17th...we don't even have a car seat yet! AHHH! Thank goodness after the last one at 12:36 things calmed down and I went back to I am rested but paranoid. Oh my, what an experience this will be!


C@mshaft said...

Been there done that..three times! Each pregnancy, rebirth, and labor and delivery experience is totally different. I wish some could be as easier when others I'm glad they went as smooth.

My last pregnancy towards the end was tied up with the same off/on. It can be very mentally challenging. I hope you can read this in the mean time...if you haven't had the baby yet..

But a Maternity massage can do WONDERS to help you rest at ease a bit. It's soothing and they can also his pressure points in your body which can also help speed up the labor process if not induce you quicker.

Just take lots of deep breaths. Breathing is important. Inhale and than letting that breath breathe out melting the pain away will really help the process go smoothlier and quicker. It helps your body work with you vs. against you. I've done both..and no one was able to get in my shoes and push the baby out for my first one...darn!

I had the nausea as well. Take more time to yourself or with your husband, if you can. Go see a movie to get your mind off of things. I betcha the whole natural process will click over and get into gear naturally. It did for my second one. I did have to be induced with my 3rd one which was actually a pleasant experienced then I thought it might end up being.

Hope this helps! I wish you and your family much luck and soo happy to hear about your upcoming bundle of joy..and how lucky to have a girl! ;-)

it seriously might seem like every day is a few months going by but before you know it you will be holding her trying to figure out the whole parenting joys before yah know it!

cheers :)

Kelipso said...

Ahhh false labor - gotta love it. Good thing it only lasted a few minutes!

Ok, um, you need to get your carseat now LOL. They won't let you take your baby home without one! hehehe