Friday, January 9, 2009

I think I may throw up...

During labor that is...of course after blogging yesterday about my progress and whatnot she decides to throw me for a loop. I do believe we have an attitude on our hands here! At 12:07am I am woken by my entire torso/midsection mutinying (is that a word??) I've had the braxton hicks and this was definitely something else. I just breathed and prayed that I wouldn't throw up then it stopped...then at 12:19 came round 2 (I was still winning at this point) and I started to think....will Adam be able to leave work today if he needs too...jeez where is my list of numbers to call...I knew I should've bought those nursing bras/nightgowns the other day...we haven't even painted the rooms or laid the new flooring...the baby shower is not til the 17th...we don't even have a car seat yet! AHHH! Thank goodness after the last one at 12:36 things calmed down and I went back to I am rested but paranoid. Oh my, what an experience this will be!

Thursday, January 8, 2009


Well I had another checkup today...I am now at 36 weeks and counting. It is truly amazing that time has flown by sooo fast. Little Lillian is doing well, measuring at 36 weeks exactly ( I am very proud of my completely unintentional perfect gestation so far) She's got her head down and her rear up and is preparing to cause me horrific pain (which I plan on blocking out immediately). She needs to keep cooking for another few weeks though because we have yet to paint or lay the new flooring in the bedrooms (so much for getting that done over the holidays-having no water for a week put a damper on things) Other than that all is good. For all you moms out there in the blog world you know of a certain slightly violating test that is done about this time to determine if you'll need some antibiotics during labor and delivery. I of course blocked this knowledge out as well and whaddaya know today was the day! Of course this is also the day that I told my mom she could come along for the appt. and see what centering is all about. Seeing as this is a very hands on/take charge of your own pregnancy kind of program I got to get the sample myself...I must say it took a little contemplation in the bathroom trying to figure out the best way to go about doing this. I will just leave it at that. Everything else is good in my world though, well Adam is having pretty crappy shift work but other than that we're golden. I may be hitting the bar tonight though since he is working LOL I was invited to watch the Orange Bowl (I don't even know who's playing or what color to wear!) and get some pub food with a gorgeous redhead who is also playing the lonely card for the evening. She and I can paint the town...well maybe not red given my current condition but definitely a nice shade of purple. That'll work for me!