Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Okay I am going to explode...there will be little bits of Rachel all over the computer room (or wherever I happen to be when this actually occurs!) We have been trying for a baby for not too long at all...the wedding was on the 26th of April and it's now the 10th of June and I pretty much went off birth control days before the wedding. I think I am pregnant though...I am a bit symptomatic so I took a test yesterday at work and it came out POSITIVE!!! I wonder if everyone goes through the "I'm soo happy but now what the hell am I going to do" phase. I couldn't be happier and this is totally planned...Adam can't stop grinning like an idiot ( I think he is very proud of himself too lol) but there's no turning back now. I know that if you have unprotected sex it can lead to a pregnancy but....well I don't know what but it's just a totally surreal feeling knowing that sometime between Valentines Day and my birthday (I'm guessing) I will be giving birth! That's just too weird to think about. I took another test this am but it was a dud...didn't even have the control line show up so I am going to take another one later today and then schedule a blood test. AHHHH, oh my gosh...there is a serious danger of explosion I'm tellin' ya!

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