Sunday, August 16, 2009

Hey my kid's almost 7 months old!!!!

Yeah...the last time I checked in I was still gestating and now my little fetus is out and eating carrots!!! Holy cow...I'm lame at this blogging thing :D Let's see...what has happened in the last 7 months...oh yeah I HAD A BABY!!
I ended up going into L&D at about 9pm on January 23rd I had a centering appointment the day before and at the end of the appt my doc asked if I wanted to be checked to see if I had started dilating yet...I said "why not, everyone's going to ask me about it anyway" So we go back in the room and she's checking me and then laughs and says "so what's your guess?" I reply "I don't know" she says "ya gotta guess." Now at this point I start to worry LOL I am still feeling fine and dandy and want those next 2 weeks with Lillian still camped out inside! So I say "ooonne" and she says keep going, so I go with "twoooo" and get more laughter from her. Then I say "threeee" and she says "well more like 3+ but it's less than 4 and you are 75% effaced" To all of this I reply(in a very hopeful voice) "so I'll see you next Thursday for my checkup?" To which she replied "I'm on call Monday" and we went back and forth on that one a couple times LOL So I go back out and let my mom know what's up (which totally freaked her out) then called Adam and let him know what the doc said. That at least got him the night off work so that was nice but nothing happened Thursday night...we were working on getting things done around the house and then Friday buying things that we still needed for Lillian's arrival. Soooo Friday evening rolls around, Adam had to go into work and my mom came over because she really hated the idea of me being at this point in the game and being home alone. At about 8:30pm mom is asking me if something is up, I felt different. No real pain or anything just really uncomfortable and my hips were sore but no pain. We talk about the benefits of going in vs. staying home and decided it was better to head in and have to come home than unprepared and have something happen. Soooo we call Adam at work and we all head to Labor and Delivery. Once there they have me sit in a room while they get all of my info together and time the contractions. Now while I say contractions I was just calling it a "tightening" because me belly would get hard but I didn't hurt, it was uncomfortable but not painful for me. I was timing the contractions to be about 5 minutes apart, when they got me into an exam room they said I was still about at a 4cm dilation and about 75% effaced still but my contractions were moderate and they were coming every 2-3 minutes so they wanted me to walk...and walk...and walk...for 2 hours but do NOT leave the hospital. So we walked and within the first hour my contractions got more intense as to where I couldn't walk through them anymore and they moved up to being 1 minute apart and about 45-55 seconds long (which didn't leave me a lot of recovery time lol) but for me they still didn't hurt that bad, just really uncomfortable. At this point it's about 12:30am and they get me back to the exam room and hook me back up to the monitors and check me and all that fun stuff, well the walking bumped me up to 6cm dilated so that got me a room for the night at least LOL Soooo I get settled in my room at about 1:15/1:30am and they wanted to either break my water or have me walk more so I opted for the walking. I got sick one time not too long before they checked me again because the contractions was a bit more sudden and intense than before but I did make it to the bathroom on my own which I was proud of...I was still functioning pretty well I think. They checked me at about 3:30am and my doc said that I was at an 8 now but because of the way the baby was laying my cervix wasn't thinning out all over, there was this little lip that just wasn't doing it so she wanted to break my water (it was bulging at this point apparently) I mention to them that I still definately don't want an epidural but I might want something in my IV for the pushing part depending upon how long it lasted and how I felt...I was still able to breathe through the contractions okay at this point and joke around with the nurses as they ended. She said okay and proceeds to break my water and then leave to get some meds for me. As soon as she left the room I had a contraction, threw up and I felt Lillian coming...I told my nurse and he got the doc and everyone came running because I went from an 8 to a 10 in about 2.5 seconds and it was time to push, they barely had time to break the bed down into a delivery bed. She was out in about 5 pushes (I really can't remember exactly how many-it all kind of ran together at that point) at 4:08am. After she was out they took her immediately to get checked up and Adam went with her (it was just to the other side of the room though) while they worked on me because they were concerned about a meconium showing in the water and now the placenta needed to come out. So we are doing that and of course since the birth was so fast I needed a bit of a complication and I had what they called a "retained placental membrane" The docs that were working on me were great but they aren't OB surgeons so they called him in and kept trying to get it out in the meantime. The OB ended up doing a "manual extraction of the membrane" It was terrible and I will just say that keep in mind I had no pain meds whatsoever at this point...they gave me 50mg (i think) of Fentanyl before the doc tried to remove the membrane manually and then about an hour later before the OB got there they gave me another 50 so I had "something on board" when he came in and did it. They told me to let them know when I felt drunk but I never felt anything except for what they were doing to me. Whichever though, at least that is over! I am not sure if it's because I went natural but I didn't really have any pain at all since they left me alone lol Adam was amazing though...he held Lillian the entire time they were working on me and she was so alert so early it seemed. It was all so fast and amazing and wooooooo now it's almost 7 months later and little Miss Lillian Rae is fabulous! She is soo mellow and laid back and loving and just amazing. We love her more than anything! I'll post more updates on this thingy I swear it!!

Friday, January 9, 2009

I think I may throw up...

During labor that is...of course after blogging yesterday about my progress and whatnot she decides to throw me for a loop. I do believe we have an attitude on our hands here! At 12:07am I am woken by my entire torso/midsection mutinying (is that a word??) I've had the braxton hicks and this was definitely something else. I just breathed and prayed that I wouldn't throw up then it stopped...then at 12:19 came round 2 (I was still winning at this point) and I started to think....will Adam be able to leave work today if he needs too...jeez where is my list of numbers to call...I knew I should've bought those nursing bras/nightgowns the other day...we haven't even painted the rooms or laid the new flooring...the baby shower is not til the 17th...we don't even have a car seat yet! AHHH! Thank goodness after the last one at 12:36 things calmed down and I went back to I am rested but paranoid. Oh my, what an experience this will be!

Thursday, January 8, 2009


Well I had another checkup today...I am now at 36 weeks and counting. It is truly amazing that time has flown by sooo fast. Little Lillian is doing well, measuring at 36 weeks exactly ( I am very proud of my completely unintentional perfect gestation so far) She's got her head down and her rear up and is preparing to cause me horrific pain (which I plan on blocking out immediately). She needs to keep cooking for another few weeks though because we have yet to paint or lay the new flooring in the bedrooms (so much for getting that done over the holidays-having no water for a week put a damper on things) Other than that all is good. For all you moms out there in the blog world you know of a certain slightly violating test that is done about this time to determine if you'll need some antibiotics during labor and delivery. I of course blocked this knowledge out as well and whaddaya know today was the day! Of course this is also the day that I told my mom she could come along for the appt. and see what centering is all about. Seeing as this is a very hands on/take charge of your own pregnancy kind of program I got to get the sample myself...I must say it took a little contemplation in the bathroom trying to figure out the best way to go about doing this. I will just leave it at that. Everything else is good in my world though, well Adam is having pretty crappy shift work but other than that we're golden. I may be hitting the bar tonight though since he is working LOL I was invited to watch the Orange Bowl (I don't even know who's playing or what color to wear!) and get some pub food with a gorgeous redhead who is also playing the lonely card for the evening. She and I can paint the town...well maybe not red given my current condition but definitely a nice shade of purple. That'll work for me!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

still not a good blogger...

Yeah so much for keeping up to date on things on a virtual journal. Let's see...I am about 20 weeks pregnant now, no longer a professional guardian, back to a full time caregiving job, been married about 5 months now, still have a crazy ass dog but I think our cat got eaten while we were in Montana last month. Have a freezer full of meat, peaches, blackberries and blueberries and that's about it. I am not feeling especially creative at the moment, I think if my house was cleaner my thoughts would be too....and I mean that if every way it can be taken LOL Ah well maybe a good nights sleep will help and the creativity can begin later...

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Okay I am going to explode...there will be little bits of Rachel all over the computer room (or wherever I happen to be when this actually occurs!) We have been trying for a baby for not too long at all...the wedding was on the 26th of April and it's now the 10th of June and I pretty much went off birth control days before the wedding. I think I am pregnant though...I am a bit symptomatic so I took a test yesterday at work and it came out POSITIVE!!! I wonder if everyone goes through the "I'm soo happy but now what the hell am I going to do" phase. I couldn't be happier and this is totally planned...Adam can't stop grinning like an idiot ( I think he is very proud of himself too lol) but there's no turning back now. I know that if you have unprotected sex it can lead to a pregnancy but....well I don't know what but it's just a totally surreal feeling knowing that sometime between Valentines Day and my birthday (I'm guessing) I will be giving birth! That's just too weird to think about. I took another test this am but it was a dud...didn't even have the control line show up so I am going to take another one later today and then schedule a blood test. AHHHH, oh my gosh...there is a serious danger of explosion I'm tellin' ya!

Saturday, May 31, 2008


I really really hate saying goodbye even if I know it's not forever. We had a going away party last night for a friend of mine-he is going on tour with his band and he is soooo excited about it. I am so proud of him for doing it. They'll be spending the next 2-3months going cross country playing at tons of places along the way and having some amazing life experiences I'm sure. He mentioned something about getting pierced because he'll be away from his girlfriend for months (which was more info than I needed but I was amused anyway) and that would certainly be a life changing experience! I made him a cake though-as a going away/birthday cake because he'll be gone for the bday. It was shaped like a guitar and I found a "grow your own metal hero" at the store and put that on top. There was also a second smaller cake as a "stage" and I got pictures of all the guys that are in the band and put them on skewers and made a banner of their band name and had them all onstage! It turned out really well...a friend took pics and I will get her to email them to me and I'll post them. Maybe I should go back to school in the culinary arts. I would hate to do that though and then end up hating cooking because I chose to do it as a career. Ah well we'll see what happens. They kick off their tour tomorrow though and at least he'll be well connected with cell phone and laptop for updates!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

surreal experiences!

Okay I just copy and pasted this from an email I had sent out to people outlining the craziness that happened to me....this happened about a month ago.

First off OH MY GOSH!!!! Okay so yesterday I had the longest day ever...started at 2:45am-I had to be with my client at around 3:45am and go with her to the hospital for surgery. We were there til about 5pm. So I was already tired and just wanted to read my book or close my eyes on the ferry til we got home. Yeah that didn't happen. A young gentleman who was blind and possibly DD sat down one chair away from me and introduced himself so me being me I said hi back and introduced myself as well and told him about the preboarding option because it makes it a lot easier for those in wheelchairs or can't see or whatever else. I then (for the half hour before the ferry leaves oh and the ENTIRE ferry ride-because he's now attached to me) get the story of his life. He was in a freak chemical accident (he was the operating manager of a chemical plant at 17 or 18 and they didn't have enough haz-mat outfits for everyone so since he was in charge he didn't get one) followed by being pushed into this radioactive gunk. This radioactive gunk is what saved his life. Well this incident caused blindness but it's also reversed the aging process of his cells. Prior to this accident he had learned an amazing martial art that made him able to fracture someone's arm in 72 places just by shaking their hand and it's not allowed to be taught to someone outside of family-but if he adopted me he could teach me! Which wouldn't be strange at all because even though in this body he is only 22 yrs old he is really 40,000yrs old so I guess he is my senior. His IQ of 194 also made him some enemies but since his family is very wealthy...royalty actually then he has been safe overall. The reason why he was traveling alone-to and from Seattle where he is the CEO of a jewelry company-is because he gave his handmaiden a day off. Well he has 10 of them actually but yesterday was just their day off and he still had to go and check on his business even though he basically has a twin brother who is co-CEO with him. It's a good thing I have such an open mind though because now I could go with him to awaken myself to the world the way it is and not just the world the way we all see it. A nice vacation to another plane or something. Not just one of the 9 known astral planes but one of the three that he has created and only he or his family can access....their kind of like Hawaii but with different colored oceans and things like that. I'm so glad I made a new comes in handy knowing a pegasus even though he is in man form. He's got buddies that are phenixs and dragons in human form too, like his friends Shadow and Spike. They sound keen. He can control all of the natural elements too which is also super handy considering he gets motion sickness and the boat started to rock so he just concentrated and made the wind die down and the water to get less choppy thereby relieving the need to vomit. And with that control he also has the ability to heal some's like a transference from the other person to him. A trading of power if you will. He takes out the bad and puts in the good and then discards the bad out of him somehow...he said it's hard to explain. He could help my client with her MS and dementia-maybe not heal it but he could help it. He is getting a program started to help people out that don't have the means to do so and the state won't cover it. Because the government is awful anyhow. CPS workers get like a $500,000 bonus for each kid they take out of the home-they usually send the kid back and they get killed but it's all good for them because they get that check. We are controlled by the UN anyhow...we don't actually have a government here in the USA it's just a cover. Ah well he wanted some contact info from me but as luck would have it I don't have any business cards with me and darn it he was gonna miss his bus! I told him I would keeping checking online for that website of his that he's been meaning to get put up for his fine jewelry company and get back with him once he's done that.
Oh and then I see my friends fiancee when we are leaving, Erich could've saved me had I seen him earlier but alas he doesn't get to preboard. Someday's I just wish I could be bitchier....